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Muay Thai Elbows in Application

Muay Thai Elbow - TraditionalVid Included: We covered the different #elbows used by #MuayThai #Fighters at #TGMuayThai this week and I wanted to take the time to find a fight where a lot of them are demonstrated for you. Find the VERY entertaining fight from February 23 2013 between Saiyok Pumpanmuang and Thaigo Teixeira starting from Round 2 and the descriptions of the elbows below.

The fight starts off with one of the elbows that we covered this week, the reverse elbow. Note that in the replay, his option was to use it as an offensive weapon instead of a defensive one. (It is demonstrated again at the 3:03 mark)

At the 1:10 mark, you can see the example that Kru Brian shared where throwing a lazy horizontal elbow will usually result in the elbow colliding with your opponent’s guard. Instead, remember the options that were taught, push the glove down or coming over the top of the glove.

At the 1:20 second mark watch the beautiful use of a change in range where a defense to a kick with a slight pull to the side allowed him to step forward and reach elbowing range. Clearly a surprise to his opponent who would normally not expect an elbow returned from a kick.

The 1:31 mark demonstrates the uppercut elbow. The opponent had his hands up and assumed that he was safe, but by altering the angle of the elbow, it was able to land between the gloves that were defending his face.

At 1:40 you can see the spear or straight elbow once again capitalize on the gap created between the gloves. You opponent opted to put their hands up and double block, but by doing so before there was a real threat of being hit allowed Saiyok to plan and use what some of you considered to be impossible and demonstrate that under the right conditions that it is a devastating elbow to maintain in your arsenal. (Note that it is demonstrated again at the 2:30 and 2:50 mark)

Practice your elbows regularly and ask for help if you are unsure of anything!

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