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November 2014 Newsletter


TG Small November 3rd, 2014

Temporary Schedule from November 1st to November 16th 2014.

It was snowing when Kru Brian and some of the students left Pearson airport on the way to Thailand. You can rejoice that the heat in Bangkok Thailand is humid and at times uncomfortable – some of the students have even suffered from sun burns. We are suffering in the heat and can only comfort ourselves in the pool with embarassing drinks with umbrellas in them. Enclosed you will see the modified schedule with the Poo Choi Kru and students that have decided to challenge themselves by instructing class. Please ask questions to help them to grow and keep training hard!! Click here for the temp schedule


Blue Shorts Test Alert
Saturday December 13th

The Blue shorts test is a rite of passage in the Muay Thai community. Consider this a heads up that Kru Brian is looking at the more experienced beginners very carefully to see who is ready for more knowledge. Though Kru Yai Brian is capable of testing you, it is a much more rewarding experience to earn it as a small fish in a big pool with students from schools all over Canada.

  1. You get to train with your peers in the Muay Thai community and compare your skills against those that share the same lineage
  2. You have an opportunity to shine and push yourself to overcome one of the most strenuous physical tests of your life
  3. Passing the Blue Shorts test means that you will be permitted to attend the exclusive Friday class at Training Ground rich with sparring and more advanced concepts to absorb. (At times host to other schools and visitors AT other schools to test your skills against different partners with the same lineage but different strategies and skills)
  4. You get to do all of this in front of our your Ajahn Suchart

You do not ask to be tested! Kru Brian will let you know that your skills and dedication warrant that you be evaluated by Ajahn Suchart. If you do not receive the tap on the shoulder, trust that there may be some aspect to you technique that needs a bit more tightening up. Listen for tips that will help you to fine tune the technique. Expect to see specifics on the time and date soon.


The King of Thailand Birthday Gala
The End of Year Banquet and Awards Ceremony Sunday December 14th 2014

A semi-formal dinner away from the gyms, linament and wraps to share, network, rejoice and celebrate the Muay Thai community and you, the students that w=are its lifeblood. Expect to see all kinds of new things this year including:

  1. New Poo Choi Krus, Krus and Kru-Yais will be appointed and announced publicly. (We have a few from OUR school that need the official designation)
  2. Awards for the best amateur fighter and best fighter of the year
  3. Most competitive school
  4. Details on the Muay Thai Ontario organization and its final stages of approval

This event will be hosted by Kru Yai Brian Edwards and should be a fun time for all in attendance. We certainly have a lot to celebrate in our community and you do not want to miss out. Tickets will be sold at Training Ground for this event and you have a deadline of November 30th to confrm your attendance! See the flyer to the right for details!


Find your Motivation – Video Goodness Inside
Today Is The Day - Motivation 2014
Today Is The Day – Motivation 2014
Thanks for your time, now think of your workouts and classes as meetings with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel!!!
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