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December 2014 Newsletter

TG Small December 21st, 2014

Happy Holidays – School Holiday Closure
It is that awesome time of year when regardless of your beliefs, most of us get caught up on the things that we have let slide since the last holiday in October and spend extra time with family and friends. (Or your Netflix account while binging).
We will be closing the gym with the last training day on Tuesday December 23rd 2014 and will reopen on Monday January 5th 2015. 

New Schedule

Take a deep breath. Change is good. We are excited to deliver even more services to you in 2015 and as we roll out this new schedule we hope that it gives you even more value for your investment in your health. Here are a few highlights that may interest you:

  • Longer business hours on Monday and Wednesday
  • Lunch hour classes on Monday and Wednesday
  • Later BJJ classes as requested
  • Kettlebell and Conditioning on Tuesday and Thursdays
  • Muay Thai earlier on a Saturday
As a result, there is a minor change to our membership structure:
  • SET class members will now be able to train on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Kettlebell classes as part of a Fitness Membership
  • Muay Thai memberships grant you access to all classes on the schedule at any time

This new schedule is active on the FIRST DAY THAT WE RETURN, January 5th 2015!

Note that all online schedules will be updated over the holidays! DOWNLOAD THE SCHEDULE HERE


The King of Thailand Birthday Gala
The End of Year Banquet and Awards Ceremony Sunday December 14th 2014

Just a quick update and congratulations going out to two of our very own! 

  1. Rookie Fighter of the Year, Damali Fraser. For those of you that were not here when she started her journey, she struggled for over a year to shed extra weight, all of this while juggling 2 kids, a husband and demanding career. From casually participating in the Muay Thai Kids classes with her daughters to winning the Canadian National Championships, Damali has made her goals a reality and earned the respect of the Muay Thai community. As your new kettlebell instructor, she is excited to help you to achieve your goals as well!
  2. David Petrella was awarded the Amateur Fighter of the Year, nominated by his peers for his “Meh, whatever” approach to fighting. He has never flinched at the size, weight or experience of anyone put in front of him or even when he faced unplanned fighting opportunities…to Dave it is all the same. 

Some of you ask Kru Brian what it takes to get to the next level. It isn’t fighting or being able to execute a rare technique with perfection. It isn’t a deadlift of a certain amount of weight or a flawless Turkish Get Up. It is the desire to improve and putting the actions in place so that your dedication is obvious and more so infectious. Damali and David are role models in that respect, they consistently demonstrate the dedication you need to achieve your goals. Training is hard. You will be ridiculed and teased by those that don’t understand your path. Your choices will seem confusing to them and they will bombard you with distractions be it intentional or not. Know that you have a school of like minded people to rely on to help you get through the tough parts. (You would be surprised at who might be motivated by the smallest of your actions)! 

Lean on your fellow students or on your instructors. Ask them to expect more of you and they are certain to guide you to the next goal. TG was built with the sweat of those that understand that we train together and succeed together. 
Damali and David, from all of us at TG, congratulations on your success this year!

Find your Motivation – Video Goodness Inside
One more set, one more rep, one more round. Pain is not permanent! Wait until they get a load of you in 2015…

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