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Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Tournament

Muay Thai Ontario Provincial TournamentAs a Kru, my job is to adhere to the traditions and purity of Muay Thai to the best of my abilities. It has been extremely rewarding to watch this year’s group of fighters learn, grow, succeed, falter and regain their footing. Muay Thai is certainly not an easy sport and is learned in the gym and tested in competition. Improving yourself requires dedication and a desire to truly take a path that many people would never consider. Most importantly is demands the support of friends, family and fellow students. Though we have 3 fighters competing this weekend in the Muay Thai Ontario Provincial tournament, the support of the entire school has been critical to getting them to this point. From the simple conversations of support to holding pads and sparring with them, I am certain that I can speak for all of the fighters when I say thank you Training Ground students. You have proven time and time again that we are a family and not just a gym.


Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Tournament

Saturday November 14th

Woodbine Racetrack – 555 Rexdale Boulevard 3rd floor grandstand

Purchase advanced tickets to attend the tournament here

Doors open at 11am and competition starts at 12pm SHARP!!!


Our 3 athletes to look for are:

Kab – 154lbs in B class

Joseph – 160lbs in B class

Lina – 110lbs in B class

You can find information on the brackets and timing here and can purchase tickets to attend the tournament here. Please note that the order can change at any time due to the volatility of tournament matchups.

Please note that the gym will be closed for all Muay Thai classes opening late at 11h30 for a SET class led by Carlos Restrepo.


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