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Krav Maga Street Fighting Seminar

Join us on Sunday April 10th for a Krav Maga seminar led by Dan Novak, Lead instructor for the Krav Maga Association Canada here at Training Ground in Mississauga.

Krav Maga Seminar - Mississauga
Krav Maga is an extremely efficient self defence and conditioning system that is easy to learn yet powerfully effective. Based on realistic street scenarios it builds your confidence, tones your body and makes you STREET WISE! Especially recommended to teach kids street proofing and anti-bully techniques, women’s self defence and our Police and security professionals. This introductory seminar will provide hand to hand combative techniques and responses to common street fighting attacks associated with real life confrontations:

• Pre Conflict and Avoidance Strategies
• Multiple and surprise attack scenarios
• Escapes from vicious street holds
• Takedown and control techniques
• Empty hand street combat
• Ground survival
• Reading Body Language – Pressure, Stress and Anxiety
• Situational Awareness – Overall Aggression vs Technique
• Integration with current Muay Thai techniques

We have limited spaces available so reserve your spot right away – Click here to Register Krav Maga Seminar - Mississauga
When: Sunday April 10th
Time: 11:30 – 1:30
Cost: $30 in advance until April 7th and $40 afterwardsExperience Required: None…have an open mind and bring a notebook!

This seminar is OPEN to non-club members so please feel free to invite your non- Training Ground friends!
**For more Information on Dan Novak and Krav Maga, Please visit www.emakravmaga.ca.

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