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Catching a Kick and Returning a Strike

Catching a kick is not a defensive technique. you know that as we have drilled it into you for months. (The strike and scored point from your opponent has STILL happened, you are simply limiting them from returning their foot to the ground). Consider catching a kick like making lemonade after your opponent, the kicker has given you lemons. With that in mind, what you do when you have just been kicked and opt to catch their leg MATTERS! The simple strategies are always best for beginners, but it doesn’t take very long before your opponent begins to predict your response as you cradle the offending leg.

1) The punch with your free hand is the most obvious and expected. Anyone with training will see it coming

2) The kick to the support leg of your opponent is also expected but only evens the score. A kick for a kick

3) The knee to their body wether holding the head or not requires a bit more technique and practice to accomplish successfully

4) To elbow…wait…how do you go from kicking to elbowing?

One of the key principles that we have hoped to teach you is that immediately after you catch your opponent’s kick, upset their balnce be it with a push, pull or toss to the side before striking back. Their loss of balance combined with the force of the strike combine together to truly make it obvious that you are in control of the situation to the judges or increases your safety on the street.

Here is a quick video that illustrates responding with a short weapon, the elbow, from long range, the kick. Look for the subtle pull on the leg for the opponent to fall into elbowing range resulting in an unexpected and satisfying result!


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