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Physiotherapy Sessions Available at TG

We have had 2 successful Physiotherapy days and after questions from some of you that have not yet taken advantage of the timeslots, we wanted to describe the process for you!


  • Every two weeks Training Ground has paid for an onsite certified Physio Therapist to answer your questions about what ails you between 2pm and 7pm every other Monday. (His name is Amandeep by the way and he is amazed by what you guys do on the daily). Simply head to the physiotherapy tab and book a 30 minute session with him in advance so that he can listen to what you are suffering from and give you some ideas of what to do to solve them. That portion of your visit is free and we cover that for you!


  • Should you wish to solve the problem, Amandeep creates a specific treatment plan based on the conversations that you had with him and delivers it to the Training Ground team for execution. (Michelle Robles, Poo Choi Joseph Lim, Kru Geoff and Kru Brian). Research states that one of the major reasons that the average patient does not improve after seeing a Physiotherapist is that they do not do the prescribed exercises or worse yet, do not do them correctly.


  • The TG team takes the prescribed treatment plan and delivers it with you in private booked sessions as we report the progress, challenges, recommend adjustments and request insight from the physiotherapist who is constantly reviewing your plan and progress. Studies have shown that this strategy is significantly more successful than leaving you to attempt to treat yourself!


  • We bill you for the session and provide receipts that you can claim to your benefits insurance provider making this process not only effective, but part of your health and wellness plan that you have with your insurer


Yes, this is open to people who are not TG students and talk to Kru Brian for more information.  Click here to book your assessment session!

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