About Us

TG FamilyWe are here to support and guide you on your new fitness journey. You deserve the kind of challenge that will motivate and push you to another level in your personal fitness journey.

The strength of a Muay Thai student is not achieved with the repetitions of pushing heavy weights nor dependent on heavy iron. Our strength development is promoted through the through the modification of traditional calisthenics resulting in a natural long lasting physique that does not whither away if you suddenly stop a weight training regime. We follow the conditioning segment with customized exercise drills that blend Muay Thai techniques with plyometric training.

The difficulty in staying motivated with ANY training program is boredom and our enthusiasm and semi-private training structure prevents that dreaded “B” word from ever creeping back into your vocabulary.

20110803-DSC_3485Releasing stress and developing mental toughness is only one of the benefits that Muay Thai can offer you. Even in the eye of a storm there is calmness about the destructive capabilities of the storm.  Similar in concept, Muay Thai can be used to cause destruction, mayhem and terror in your victim – its philosophy however, is actually the exact opposite.  A sense of health, well being and mental peace are equally as  important as the physical abilities that our students absorb. Training in Muay Thai will give you a total fitness approach – mind, body and soul.

Class Format

Classes are 1.5 hours in length with the first 30 minutes focused on cardio conditioning and the last hour focused on building Muay Thai technique. To build your endurance and cardio levels, we promote a serious conditioning segment in all of our classes where the goal is to bring your heart rate up and to maintain that level for a given period of time.  Not only do the instructors push you to professional athlete levels, but the class atmosphere will not allow you to cheat yourself out of the workout that you have deserved for years.


Thai Shorts, T-shirt, hand wraps and gloves. Additional equipment is required for sparring – please see your instructor for further guidance.

Preparing for your First Muay Thai Class

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water the day before to ensure proper hydration. Arrive at the academy at least 20 minutes before the start of class. This will allow enough time for completion of necessary forms and brief orientation to the class and instructor. Spare gloves are available for your trial session, however if you have your own you are welcome to bring them with you.