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Physiotherapy Sessions Available at TG

We have had 2 successful Physiotherapy days and after questions from some of you that have not yet taken advantage of the timeslots, we wanted to describe the process for you!   Every two weeks Training Ground has paid for an onsite certified Physio Therapist to answer your questions about …

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Wai Kru and Ram Muay

Origins and Explanation of the Ritual – Wai Kru Ram Muay Excerpts taken from the World Muay Thai Council Wai is an action of Thais to show respect to others by putting the hands together like in prayer. Kru means teacher. Ram means dance in the old Thai traditional style. Muay means boxing. The fighter performs the …

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Kru of Muay Thai Day 2018

We encourage you to come out this Saturday to support Daniel Pham and Sean Weaver as they test their skills in competition at the Kru Day Celebration with our extended Muay Thai family. So far it is estimated at 12 Muay Thai fights and should be a blast! Saturday March …

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