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Strength Endurance and Toning (S.E.T.)

In 2008 we brought a new challenge forward for our competitive athletes – a class that would challenge them in a different way and push them to heights they didn’t know they could reach. Complimenting our Muay Thai training programs, our athletes were required to participate in our Strength, Endurance and Toning classes. It quickly became a badge of honor for our competitive athletes and the envy of other students and new comers. Known as the program that pushes you to “Train like a fighter without the bumps a bruises of contact”, this 1 hour class is guaranteed to give you a workout! Packed with all all three components of training…developing sustainable strength, increasing your endurance levels and improving muscle definition and tone the program literaly shaped new bodies.

Today, this class is led by Michelle Robles training to the Canadian Forces Department of Defense. While attending these classes, you will learn the concepts of body weight and cardio training. Skills that you can carry with you at home or while condemned to live out of your suitcase while on the road. Expect to be exposed to the latest and greatest techniques in resistance, agility, strength and cardio training.  Regardless of your age or current fitness level…bring a towel, a friend and expect to be pushed to your limits!

SET Class Sampler in Mississauga