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Throw Your Weight Around the Gym

I don’t care who you are or how bad of a day you are having. Seeing grown adults do this in the gym is just plain annoying, but seeing a baby hoist a bar in a beautiful snatch and then chuck it to the playpen screaming in victory had to …

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Old Lumpini Boxing Stadium

With fights every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, Lumpini is one of the MUST visits if you study Muay Thai and have made the visit to its home, Thailand. The old stadium opened its doors in 1956 and ran all the way to February 8th 2014 and the internet cannot stop …

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Glove Deodorizer

The holiday season is upon us and sometimes you have to splurge on yourself. That bag of aromatic death that you drag around with you needs a bit of love and attention. The Meister Nunchucks Glove & Shoe Deodorizers are the ultimate solution to sweaty and smelly gear. Post-workout odours …

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