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Range to your Opponent

We often remind you of the weapons that you should use barring any ridiculous differences in height and reach: When you face a kicker, walk through the kicking range with your punches When you face a puncher, plant your lead foot and throw your knee When you face a knee-er, …

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Catching a Kick and Returning a Strike

Catching a kick is not a defensive technique. you know that as we have drilled it into you for months. (The strike and scored point from your opponent has STILL happened, you are simply limiting them from returning their foot to the ground). Consider catching a kick like making lemonade …

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VID: Matt Embree vs Saenchai PK

We sat in a hotel April of 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 4 different schools from across the Greater Toronto Area and roughly 22 of us were consoling a friend who lost his fight and was frustrated with his performance. Matt Embree pushed the rest of us out of the …

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