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Kru Yai Brian Edwards, Founder and Program Director

Kru Yai Brian Edwards is no stranger to the Martial Arts having spent the last 30 years training in a variety of disciplines including Si Lum Hun Gar Kung Fu, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira and most critical to his development, Traditional Muay Thai. As a certified Kru-Yai (Chief Instructor of Muay Thai) recognized by Thailand’s Ambassador to Canada, he is a certified member of Coaches Ontario, a Level 2 Official and Judge with the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing, a Personal Trainer and a self described “student for life”, Kru Yai Brian is dedicated to the promotion of authentic Muay Thai Boxing and the Thai culture.

A testament to his dedication to the martial arts and training industry, Kru Yai Brian opened Training Ground Muay Thai Academy in 2005. Today he runs this very successful academy imparting the traditional teachings of his instructor Ajahn Suchart of Siam No 1 (known as the father of Muay Thai in Canada).

With a diverse background in Martial Arts it is no surprise that his philosophy on training is also diverse as he integrates the traditional calisthenics expected from a Martial Arts trainer with the new science of Plyometric and Cross-Fit training. Kru Yai Brian’s knowledge in these areas has served him well as he leads off-season cross training camps for elite sports teams and athletes.

Competition has taught Kru Yai Brian the importance of preparation and customized training in order to achieve measurable goals. As the coach of Training Ground’s Muay Thai Fight team, he has led many fighters to provincial and national championships and continues to develop challenging training programs to improve the skills of his fighters. Committed to their success his training is dedicated to supporting them on their journey of knowledge.

Kru-Yai Brian has the skills and commitment to lead an academy of students to greater heights and is passionate about imparting knowledge, instruction and guidance to develop skilled traditional Muay Thai practitioners.

Kru Yai Brian can be reached directly at brian@training-ground.com or feel free to connect to him on LinkedIn