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Traditional Muay Thai

Muay Thai Kickboxing-Mississauga2 (1 of 1)As a self defense program, fitness regime, and sport, Muay Thai is the sport of Kings in Thailand and has been embraced throughout the world as the gold standard in striking and defense. As Mississauga’s only traditional Muay Thai school, we have built a reputation on preserving the traditional techniques and sharing them with our students in easy to digest chapters translated from the original Mae Mai Muay Thai techniques. This technical focus on the old ways has been extremely successful for us in competition and we have been blessed to have students represent us for years in competition granting us back to back Provincial titles. Muay Thai is about training the body, mind, and heart; developing concentration and dedication; showing patience and persistence with yourself and others; developing speed and showing respect for your community, and yourself. We hope that each of our students contribute to Muay Thai unity and spirit of the Muay Thai brotherhood. We want our students to leave the sport better for accepting them as a vessel to absorb knowledge.

Our philosophy for training our students is simple:

  • Focus on one a concept at a time each week. By explaining, drilling and practicing each technique in a variety of different ways, weTraining Ground Muay Thai Academy have found that our students understand WHY you do something. This leaves them more observant in every day situations for our non competitors and extremely analytical for our competitive students. Our students honour Muay Thai by understanding that Muay Thai training has nothing to do with a series of combinations and everything to do with selecting the right weapon for the correct situation. That is the Training Ground difference!
  • Motivate each student to achieve their goals. Students quickly learn that their questions are not a sign of weakness and is treated as a signal of your progress and understanding. Being confident in your knowledge and skills means that you will be better equipped to safely push your boundaries with the instructors as your guides.
  • We train you to scoff at your current physical limitations. We infuse the latest techniques in cardio, strength, endurance and power training proven by athletes all over the world. Techniques ranging from plyometric, resistance and isometric drills to good old fashioned strength training to sculpt your body into a work of art.

Blending these three strategies together allows you, as one of our students to be an active participant as we guide you on the road to your physical success! Whether you wish to concentrate on simply getting into shape, or focus on developing yourself as a Muay Thai fighter, we have a unique experience and plan for all of our students.