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TG 2016 Events, Seminars and Fight Nights

2016 Seminars Fights and Events

MTO Community Meeting January 10th
Kru Brian Surgery Tuesday January 19th (Replacement Poo Choi Damali)
Kru Brian Surgery Wednesday January 20th (Replacement Poo Choi Damali)
Kru Brian Surgery Thursday January 21st (Replacement needed)
Kru Brian Surgery Friday January 22nd (Replacement needed)
Kru Brian Surgery Saturday January 23rd (Replacement needed)

Poo Choi Kru Seminar 1/4: Feb. 7th
Kru Seminar 1/3: Feb. 21st
Blue Shorts Test 1/4: Saturday February 27th

Destiny Fight Series: March 12th – Joseph Lim is Fighting
Kru Day 2016: March 19th

F.I.T. Method Buffalo NY: April 2nd Damali Fraiser is fighting for a title
York Muay Thai Demo: April 16th
Poo Choi Kru Seminars 2/4: April 17th
SongKran at Evolution: April 23rd MTO Sanctioned
Pound 4 Pound: April 30th “Muay Thai Unleashed” at the Pickering Recreation Complex MTO Sanctioned

1 Year Anniversary: May 7th at 5 Elements MTO Sanctioned
Blue Shorts Test 2/4: Saturday May 14th
IFMA World Championship (Sweden): May 17th-May 29th http://www.muaythaiwc2016.com
WKA US National Championship (New York): May 19-22 www.wkausa.com

Kru Yai Seminar 1/1:  June 12th
TBA (Iowa): June 17, 18, 19 http://tbasanctioning.org/
Kru Seminars 2/3: June 19th
Poo Choi Kru Seminars 3/4: June 26th

IKF (Orlando Florida): July 22, 23, 24 http://www.ikfkickboxing.com/WC16.htm

Blue Shorts Test 3/4: Saturday August 27th


Kru Seminars 3/3: Oct. 16th

StriKing Tournament (Oklahoma): November 2016 https://www.facebook.com/StriKingPromotion/
Blue Shorts Test 4/4: Saturday November 5th
MTO Provincials: November
Poo Choi Kru Seminars 4/4: Nov. 6th